The problem of Transfer Pricing in the Indian BPO sector

We all have heard much about the BPO boom in India and its remarkable benefits that it has served India with. But in recent times, the future of the industry is predicted to become bleak due to the government’s imposition of Transfer Pricing Agreement and additionally levying an increased tax rate at 12%. This is one of the many issues that is seen challenging the BPO industry’s growth. Continue reading

Tips on choosing the right call center service provider

If you are an existing growing company and are keen on managing your telephonic traffic through the help of a call center service then you should consider the following suggestions: 1. Keeping in mind your budget, consider the volume of your present call and based on your estimates, the future call volumes. This will help you save time and money 2. Keep up your expectations top on the list and accordingly choose the perfect service provider, which shall help you best in fulfilling your laid objectives. Continue reading

India, a preferred destination for outsourcing call center services

Stable democracy, youngest and most educated population, India is all what can be called, a one stop shop for the offshore call center services. The developed nations have been looking for a labor which is huge and educated and English speaking. India, with providing all the three solutions, has in recent time become the most preferred location for outsourcing call center services of the international companies. Continue reading

e-Governance - renovating the governmental service delivery system

e - governance, a one stop online portals for information access for online citizen services, center and state specific e-Governance initiatives, providing awareness about governmental tasks. In simpler terms it basically refers to the technology driven governance. Models of e-Governance: When we talk about e Governance, its main target groups remain the citizens, government and businesses. Hence what we have is Government to Customer or Citizen model, Government to Employees, Government to Government and Government to business. Continue reading

Convergence of Social Media and BPO

Today, the social media is the trendiest communicational buzz. As a medium of channel, it has fairly done its job beyond imaginable expectations by standing in as a means of non-commercial interaction among individuals. Social media indeed, has become a mainstream phenomenon within the last few years and is only working hard to also become now a successful means of commercial interaction. Over the past few years, the BPO services have made investments in customer-oriented business intelligence and deep analytic tools for their company clients. Continue reading

India - a global center of BPO services

Today outsourcing has become the order of the day. More and more organizations are choosing India as a hub of outsourcing companies for a number of reasons such as, high presence of young population, cost effectiveness, increased efficiency, increased productivity, shared risks, reduced operating costs, increased quality, better services and more time to focus on core competencies. Discover how India has become the world’s most preferred location for the software development and software enabled services: Continue reading

Negative impact of Rupee depreciation on Indian BPO sector

The IT/ITES industry body, NASSCOM, is seen noting its concern about the negative effect of the continual volatility of the Indian currency. The apex body said that the currency volatility is all set to hinder the planning process of the BPO industry. Apart from the Eurozone financial crisis and the rupee depreciation, factors like US Subprime crisis and rising input costs are also seen hindering the growth of the sector. Though the rupee depreciation has brought in good news for the exporters and software exporting Indian companies like TCS and Infosys. Continue reading